Bloemenveld Fotoshoot

tulip field photoshoot

Tulip field photoshoot

It is lovely to enjoy spring in the Netherlands. After a long winter all the moody colors dissapear and make space for all the lovely spring colors. The flowers start to bloom and most of all the tulip fields are blooming! A lovely time to book a photoshoot in a tulip field with you, your family and/our your partner. 

Bloemenveld Fotoshoot

Tullip field Photoshoot

If you are looking for a photoshoot in a tulip field we would love to help you out! We have some nice contacts at an area were we can do the photoshoot on a quiet place, not a lot of tourists or visitors, the field is very private. There are lots of colors at the tulip field were we take our pictures. There are colors like pink, purple and orange tulips at the field. A lovely activity if you are on your holidays in the Netherlands or if you are on a citytrip in Amsterdam. If you want to book a photoshoot just contact us, most of the time we can find a spot for you in our schedule on short notice.

Tips for a Photoshoot in a tulip field

If you are planning to book a photoshoot in a tulip field. We have some tips for you to make the most out of the photoshoot. 

1. Check the colors of the tulip fields in advance.
If you check the colors of the field in advance with your photographer you can plan your outfits. You can choose outfits that will complement the colors of the tulips. We advice nice colors like pastels, whites, and neutrals, those are great options.

2. Props for the photoshoot
Consider to bring props to the photoshoot such as blankets, baskets, or flower crowns to add interest to your photos. You can also check with our photographers if they have some props. We have some nice picknick props that we can bring for you. 

3. Bring examples of photo’s you like.
If you have in mind what kind of photo’s you would love to make bring some examples. Our photographers are very creative.


Prices photoshoot Tulip field

€450,- including tax

Book a Tulip Photoshoot

If you want to make photo’s in a tulip field you can contact us by email or you can call us:  |  316 18436623


tulip fields in the Netherlands

If you want to enjoy more places were the tulips grow we would love to give you more tips for locations. There are a lot of places were you can see the tullip fields. They are perfect for a visit and sightseeing but might be a bit crowded for a photoshoot. 

1. The most famous tulip garden is the Keukenhof Garden. It is a huge park with over 7 million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. It is a nice place to do some sightseeing but it is a little bit touristic as well. The park is open from March to May.

2. Noordoostpolder: After the Keukenhof the noordoostpolder is the second most famous tulip field. It is the largest tulip-growing area in the Netherlands. They have a big variation of colors in tulips

3. Lisse: This is the town were the Keukenhof Gardens are. In the surrounding area of Lisse you can find lots of tulips. 

These places are just a few where you can see the tulip fields in the Netherlands. Whether you visit a park or take a little roadtrip on the countryside, you will deffinatly see a lot of tulips but probberbly also a lot of visitors or tourists. If you want to book a photoshoot on a quiet and private area we have a very good spot with a lot of colors in tulips.

Bloemenveld fotoshoot

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